About Us

Delve into the captivating universe of Chai & Code, a haven where technology seamlessly intertwines with the comforting allure of chai. At the helm of this extraordinary fusion is Hootie, a visionary defying conventional tech norms, crafting a brand that transcends mere merchandise.

Fueled by the nightly melody of coding and the soothing aroma of chai, Hootie's journey unfolds from a humble dorm room coder to a boardroom innovator. Armed with wisdom cultivated through nested loops and complex algorithms, challenges become triumphs in his quest for excellence.

Chai & Code isn't just a brand; it's a sanctuary adorned with patterns inspired by the vibrant colors of India, tailored for entrepreneurs. Its universal mission resonates with a global community of tech innovators and changemakers, bound by a shared passion for coding and the fragrant allure of chai. Hootie, the face of transformation, embodies the journey "From nested loops to the executive suite," echoing with aspiring coders and entrepreneurs alike.

At its core, Chai & Code's ethos revolves around empowering dreamers. It encourages startup owners and changemakers to forge innovations that shape the world. Join us on this transformative journey, where the synergy of tech innovation and the aromatic inspiration of chai creates an unparalleled experience.